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How Painting By Numbers Colors Your Resume

How Painting By Numbers Colors Your Resume By Simon Ward We’ve probably all heard the phrase, “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”? Well, hopefully we are all in agreement that you never, ever lie on your resume – period. However, numbers, and especially the right numbers, can play an incredibly powerful role in [...]

Preparing For Your Job Search Is Key

We know that the saying ‘Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail’ is a cliché and has forever been trotted out by every teacher, boss and parent – but that is only because it’s so true. Preparation should be at the heart of everything you do in your quest for a new position in the next [...]

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Negotiating a Job Offer: Scenarios and Secrets 2 of 3

As we stated in our previous post - negotiations for job offers are anything but a walk in the park. They can be intimidating, stressful, and downright scary, and every single situation is different. It can be hard, almost impossible to know what to say and do so that you don’t completely blow a great [...]