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The Simplicity Of ‘The Journey’ Meets The Power Of ‘IGH Octagon

Every element of the I Got Hired system is powered by our unique & proven joined up job seeker journey. Sitting behind the 18 steps of The Journey – which joins up the I Got Hired workbooks, apps, templates & tools – is the basic & structure of the I Got Hired methodology, IGH Octagon.

IGH Octagon structures your job hunt around 8 ‘activity types’ that we call ‘The 8 ations’ ensuring that your job hunt is meticulously planned, organized & executed.

The simplicity of The Journey & the power of Octagon come together seamlessly to guarantee an accelerated & successful job hunt.

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The Journey – Simplicity Personified

The I Got Hired job seeker journey not only walks you through your job hunt step by step, it acts as the glue for everything else in the I Got Hired toolkit.

The Journey defines the structure behind IGH Pro & all the other I Got Hired apps. It organizes the content of the I Got Hired toolkit so that every tool, checklist & template are exactly where you would expect to find them in the I Got Hired Portal, & aligns them with one of the 18 steps of The Journey, making it easier to know what you need & where to find it when you need it.

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IGH Octagon™ – Giving Structure & Detail

If The Journey gives you simplicity, IGH Octagon gives you a whole new layer of structure & detail.

IGH Octagon takes the 101 actions that are practically guaranteed to land that perfect job, & organizes & presents them in a simple process diagram. Each action is allocated to the appropriate workbook in which you will find all the know-how you need to carry it out like a professional. Just to make sure things are as joined up as possible, every action is allocated an ‘ation’ to make sure you are very clear about what & how you should do things.

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