Ashu Sharma (India)
Ashu Sharma (India)Manages all the techy stuff
Ashu has a Masters Degree in Economics & over 10 years experience working across many technology platforms for some of the web’s leading innovators. Ashu & his team built & support all the I Got Hired Apps
Simon Ward (England)
Simon Ward (England)Manages everyone else's stuff
Simon has over 30 years recruitment experience & was Director of Recruitment at a leading UK Financial Services firm. Simon was here right from the start & helped design & build the I Got Hired concept, content & technology
Chris Ponder (England)
Chris Ponder (England)Manages all the operational stuff
Chris is a Recruitment & HR expert with 30 years experience working for leading UK & US organizations. Chris has worked with I Got Hired from the very start & is responsible for toolkit content & manages IGH Xchange among many other things
Belinda O’Regan (South Africa)
Belinda O’Regan (South Africa)Knows really brainy stuff
Belinda has a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology & was previously a Management Consultant & Global HR Manager for a leading technology company. Belinda now runs her own consultancy & is the expertize & driving force behind IGH Aspire
Dave Foxall (Spain)
Dave Foxall (Spain)Writes great HR stuff
After 15 years in HR, responsible for learning & development, policy & compliance, recruitment & staff engagement, Dave now works freelance from Barcelona, writing, editing & proofreading for clients all over the world. Dave also writes about odd music for ‘ajazznoise’
David Fletcher (New Zealand)
David Fletcher (New Zealand)Draws great stuff
David has been drawing cartoons for over 30 years. He draws for books, blogs, websites & newspapers. His work has appeared in America, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe & South Africa. David created all the cartoons throughout I Got Hired
Duke Getzinger (USA)
Duke Getzinger (USA)Makes marketing stuff work
Duke is one of America’s leading Recruitment & Social Media Experts. In his 25 year recruitment career, Duke recruited for companies including Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard & Motorola. Duke now runs a successful Social Media & Marketing business
Jeff Palley (USA)
Jeff Palley (USA)Corrects everyone else’s stuff
Jeff, who has a Masters in Literature, is an author, proofreader & editor who specializes in HR & Recruitment related topics. Jeff played a huge part in getting our workbooks to market, contributing with his writing & editing skills
Joseph Gallego (The Philippines)
Joseph Gallego (The Philippines)Makes techy stuff simple
Joseph is a Technical Writer with 15 years experience writing for leading web applications. Joe specializes in Technical Documentation for both printed & web based applications & built the User Manuals & Help functions for all the I Got Hired Apps
Kazim Ladimeji (England)
Kazim Ladimeji (England)Bloggs really useful stuff
Kazim is a qualified HR professional with over 18 years experience. In addition to contributing to our workbooks, Kazim is Director of The Career Cafe: a blog for job seekers, & is author of ‘Will The Future Workplace Still Need You?’
Keshav Sharma (India)
Keshav Sharma (India)Makes eBook stuff work
With over 20 years experience in Electronic Publishing & having worked for a leading electronic publishing house, Keshav knows just about all there is to know about eBook creation & layout – & it shows in the I Got Hired workbooks
Mandi Weems (USA)
Mandi Weems (USA)Writes great recruitment stuff
Following a creative career in gaming, during which time Mandi wrote storylines, developed characters & wrote guides for hundreds of games, Mandi turned her hand to writing for the I Got Hired toolkit amongst other very successful freelance work
Ruxandra Morosan (Romania)
Ruxandra Morosan (Romania)Makes stuff look great
Rux has been responsible for the creative design & layout of every single tool & guide in the I Got Hired toolkit. As a freelance designer for the last 3 years, Rux works for leading clients across the globe
Wally Peterson (USA)
Wally Peterson (USA)Writes really memorable stuff
Following a great career in sales, Wally became a freelance writer 5 years ago. Wally’s edgy writing style makes messages direct & memorable. Wally is the driving force behind ‘Step by Step’, our simple job hunter training program due to be released later in 2017
Zarina Ward (England)
Zarina Ward (England)Just knows stuff
Zarina is a Recruitment & HR professional with 15 years experience. She is currently the Global Head of Talent Management for a leading US Advisory Firm & has been a major contributor to the I Got Hired concept & content from the very beginning

The Techy Team (India)
Builds really good techy stuff