A Presidential Strategy…

Congratulations, you got the job! Now you have to make the most of the opportunity & I Got Hired will be with you for that critical first 100 days.

Approaching those first three months is just as important to you as it is to a CEO or even a President or Prime Minister (they always have a 100 day plan!). All the first impressions have been made & now it’s time to show what you can do. I Got Hired will guide you through creating a 100 day performance & personal development plan what will truly WOW your new managers & colleagues & set you up for the success your hard work deserves.

Learn how to manage upwards, use feedback sessions to your best advantage & make an instant positive impact on those around you. Using the 100 Day Planning Tool is the best way to ensure you don’t need I Got Hired for a job search anytime soon… unless you choose to, of course!

Career Planning Top Tips

Job Hunt Top Tips

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