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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation… Makes A Perfect Job Search

The jobs market is tough. The better you prepare, the better you perform.

I Got Hired gives you everything you need to find & maximize your own unique features & make that sale. With everything from how to write a resume to handling tricky interview questions & negotiating salary… I Got Hired helps you stand out from the competition.

With I Got Hired™ you’re selling yourself to your future employer & as any salesperson knows, if you want to make a sale, you have to know & understand the market.

As with any preparation, the earlier you start, the more effective it is. The comprehensive I Got Hired Toolkit supports you from day one of your job hunt.

Preparation Top Tips

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IGH Pro – Making Your Job Search Mobile

IGH Pro is the app that makes your job search mobile. You know that job hunting is not just a do-it-from-home activity & you need access to the I Got Hired tools & features on the move – IGH Pro gives it to you.

  • Catch & respond to emails as they arrive
  • Access a job application, resume or cover letter on the move
  • Check your interview schedule anytime, anywhere
  • The complete record of your job search in your pocket
  • Measure your effort against your personal targets

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IGH Aspire – What’s Your Perfect Job?

The first key to landing the job you really want is… to know what you really want.

IGH Aspire is an advanced yet simple to use job matching tool that helps you clarify your employment aspirations & then guides your job search choices. Use IGH Aspire to assess each & every job opportunity & potential employer that comes your way.

  • Define exactly what you’re looking for in a new role
  • Identify the features of your perfect future employer
  • Check every lead against your personal criteria
  • Use IGH Aspire as often as you need during your job search

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IGH Money – A Financially Secure Search

Finance is often at the heart of why we work & your job search will suffer if you are worrying about your finances.

IGH Money, the complete app for effective financial planning, does the job.

  • Balance income & spending with the intuitive financial forecasting tool
  • Manage your cash flow by profiling expected expenses & imminent income
  • Track performance with monthly statements
  • Stay in control with the simple traffic light notification system

Practical personal finance for non-financial experts.

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Set Up Checker – Start As You Mean To Go On

The to-do list is the classic time management tool. The I Got Hired version, designed to support the preparation for your job search, is fully integrated with your IGH Pro dashboard.

The in-your-pocket Set Up Checker is mobile-compatible & will keep you on track with:

  • Job search practices & routines
  • Your sales toolkit
  • Market research
  • Establishing your online brand

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Campaign Planning -The Strategic Approach To Job Hunting

Sales are rarely made by luck. The I Got Hired campaign planning tool helps you define your role & map out your job search strategy by defining:

  • Your ‘Elevator Pitch’
  • Your role criteria
  • Your routes to market
  • Your Social Media strategy
  • Your agency strategy
  • Your ‘Direct Hire’ targets

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Setting Targets & Managing Performance, Hitting The Bullseye!

One hallmark of a successful job search is organization & performance management. Taking the information gathered in Campaign Planning, you will set yourself clear, measurable (& achievable!) targets for your job hunting activities.

You will decide exactly what you will do & how often. Then IGH Pro will report back to you automatically on your progress.

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Save 80% – Buy I Got Hired™ Now