Preparing For Your Job Search Is Key

By Simon Ward

We know that the saying ‘Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail’ is a cliché and has forever been trotted out by every teacher, boss and parent – but that is only because it’s so true. Preparation should be at the heart of everything you do in your quest for a new position in the next phase of your career – It’s as simple as that.

Why Is Preparation So Important?

As a rule, good things just don’t happen by accident, and if your plan is to wait for lady luck to bring you everything you want in life, then you may also want to plan on getting comfortable, because it’s more than likely that you’re going to be waiting a considerably long time. Good things, crucial things, the things that really shape our lives, like finding and securing the right job, need planning – they need you to prepare.

Keep in mind – Preparation is a competitive skill that it will pay dividends many times over.

But preparation isn’t just about preparing for each individual event or action in your search for a new position; it’s about setting up an environment and systems that are going to work successfully for you as well. This starts with getting your hands on a diary. It doesn’t matter whether it’s paper or electronic, although by using IGH Pro™ you can integrate your diary with every document, task, event, target and report throughout your job-search.

If you have doubts about using a designated diary system or think that it is ‘overkill’ for a simple job-hunt, don’t fall for the easy option of ‘I can keep a track of all my events and tasks in my head.’ That’s a great attitude if your favorite pastime is crossing a busy road or highway blindfolded – you only have to get it wrong once for it to be fatal!! You only have to forget one call or turn up one hour late for an interview to quite possibly blow the greatest opportunity you may have ever had.

Why is a diary important?

For starters you will need to know where, when and who you are interviewing with. You will need to remember every single follow up call you have to make, the details of every job, the content of each of your tailored resumes, the nuance of each conversation and so on. It is also vital that you have your diary on hand at all times so you record future events, tasks and appointments as they come up – and to make sure that you avoid scheduling conflicts. This will help you to be prepared and stay on top of your engagements. Remember, no matter how good you are (and don’t forget you ARE brilliant) you simply won’t be able to attend two interviews at the same time.