Start As You Mean To Go On

We’ve all heard the cliché, “there’s only one chance to make a first impression” & it holds a particular truth when you start the new job you’ve worked so hard to land.

I Got Hired not only helps you secure that dreamed-of job offer, it also prepares you for your first day of work, helping you create the perfect launch pad for the years ahead. The IGH Checklists, guides & reminders will hold your hand as you prepare everything you need logistically for your first day – but the system doesn’t stop there!

By helping you create & focus on your employee brand, I Got Hired gives you the platform to impress your colleagues & exceed your boss’ expectations. Your high impact employee brand is all about how you present yourself, how you act, what you say & do – but it’s also about what NOT to say & do too!!

With I Got Hired in your corner you will walk through the door on your first day perfectly prepared, full of confidence & with your head held high.

New Job Top Tips

Job Hunt Top Tips

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