The I Got Hired Mobile Apps

Everyday technology speeds up the world we live in & the recruitment market is no exception. Recruiters & HR departments have access to leading edge systems & rely heavily on mobile apps & portals to accelerate their candidate search. Being the first candidate to apply or respond to any email, text or phone call accurately & professionally has never been more important.

The ever growing library of mobile apps puts the ‘power to be first’ at your fingertips & gives you instant access to everything you need to make sure that, not only are you the first to respond, but that all your communications, whether they are phone calls, email exchanges or text messages, are well informed & relevant.

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Coming soon in 2017, IGH Pro launches its first 3 Mobile Apps putting you at the front of mobile Job Hunting technology. More will follow to make sure that everything you need is always at your fingertips.

IGH Check-It

Making sure you have access to all your key checklists wherever you are. IGH Check-It is the ultimate actions reminder app.

IGH Zapp-It

Giving you a snapshot of your events & tasks due in the next 24 hours – keeping you focused on exactly what you need to do today.

12 Habits ‘On the Go’

‘The 12 Habits of Successful JobSeekers’ gives your Job Hunt & your career the perfect foundation so keep it in your pocket.