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Know Your Market & Sell Yourself Like A Professional

Believe it or not, the world is full of jobs.

However, the whole point of your job search is finding the specific one that is exactly right for you. To do that, you need to understand the jobs market you are working in.

The days of recruitment agencies are fading. They’re still there, still influential, but with online hiring & the expanding role of social media, the market is rapidly falling into the hands of direct candidates; i.e. you! The tools & materials in I Got Hired are there to make you an expert in today’s jobs market.

Job Hunt Top Tips

Job Hunt Top Tips

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The I Got Hired Sales Funnel Approach

Once you know exactly what you want in a job, the next step is finding some prospects. But as always, there’s a secret to it. In this case, the secret is the I Got Hired ‘solution sales’ approach to job hunting. By viewing you & your services as ‘the product’, you will use structured sales strategies to find your next position…

  • Define & discover your routes to market
  • Develop a well-defined channel strategy that will filter out the opportunities you don’t want
  • Find your ‘secret jobs jungle’ – the non-advertised opportunities that are all too easy to miss

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Defining Target Roles & Employers

A fundamental key to your job search is only targeting the jobs & employers that meet your criteria. However, first you need to know what those criteria are.

IGH Aspire helps you identify what you really want from your next job role – starting with looking at your personal values, & ending with assessing prospective employers & jobs according to how well they meet your criteria.

IGH Aspire keeps you focused on the jobs that are right for you …. & makes sure you don’t waste your valuable time on those that aren’t.

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Getting Social Media Right

Your first contact with a future employer is now most likely to be online. It can seem overwhelming.

Social media has become just as important to job hunting as it is to the rest of our lives.

I Got Hired helps you navigate a world of candidate pipelines, social recruitment & talent communities to find the perfect role.

  • Create a carefully-crafted personal brand
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & more in your job search
  • Set up your social profiles so that the right leads & prospects seek you out

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Save 80% – Buy I Got Hired™ Now