Show Them How Good You Really Are

There’s only one real goal for rehearsal, & that’s to turn in a perfect performance. The outcome of all your I Got Hired assisted preparation is that when you walk into the interview, test, or assessment center, the element of surprise is minimized & you can focus your powers on the event itself.

We’ll help you with interview tips that cover not only the questions you’ll be asked, but also all the other aspects of your personal presentation, including the importance of body language, voice control & listening techniques.

With I Got Hired, you’ll have the confidence to think on your feet & handle any interview questions thrown at you (expected & unexpected alike). In short, you’ll be the professional interviewee!

Interview Top Tips

Job Hunt Top Tips

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Mobile Last-Minute Checklist

The fact that all I Got Hired checklists are mobile-enabled is especially useful at interview time.

You’ll be prompted with a series of last-minute reminders of the key interview factors: body language, appearance, handshakes, how to answer difficult questions, how to manage gaps in your resume, etc.

Then, when your memory is refreshed, switch off the phone & head in to give your very best interview performance.

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Shared Ownership

It’s not unusual for job applicants to feel that the interviewer is in control. However, with I Got Hired it’s your interview too!

Part of your preparation is thinking about what you need to get from the process: asking questions, clarifying details, driving the next steps, etc.

Even if the interviewer is finished, you have a responsibility to yourself to meet your own objectives & I Got Hired will support you to do exactly that.

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Evaluating Your Performance

After preparation comes performance… & after performance comes evaluation. The only way you can ensure you continuously improve your interview performance is to adopt a formal process of review.

Naturally, I Got Hired provides the perfect checklist & guide to help you do just that: learn from any mistakes, maximize your strengths & constantly improve how you sell yourself at interview.

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