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Preparation Has Worked So Far, Why Stop Now?

If there’s one thing I Got Hired will never tire of repeating, it’s the absolute value of good preparation. As you might imagine, that goes double for an interview (or assessment center).

The first key when considering how to prepare for an interview is understanding what to expect. The I Got Hired Interview Evaluation Framework gives you a simple structure to define the exact event & then plan your preparation accordingly. Whether it’s anticipating the interview questions for a classic face-to-face scenario, an interview by phone or video, psychometrics, technical or aptitude tests, a presentation, a role play… you name it, I Got Hired will ensure you’re ready.

Interview Prep Top Tips

Job Hunt Top Tips

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Interview Preparation Checklists

As with all key aspects of the job hunt process, I Got Hired provides simple-to-use checklists that take the stress out of preparing for your interview appearance.

Each checklist breaks a process down into easy to tackle steps & is fully mobile-enabled, so you’ll always have them to hand.

What’s more, the checklists will motivate you to prepare by automatically tracking your progress as the interview date approaches.

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Researching & Practicing

A key element of your interview preparation is researching your potential new job, the duties, responsibilities, employer, market context & so on.

I Got Hired supports & guides your research process, enabling you to anticipate the questions you might be asked at interview (& also to devise some impressive questions of your own!).

In addition to researching the job, you also need to look into the interview process itself & practice, practice, practice!

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Personal Preparation

When it comes to making an impression at interview, you’re selling much more than just the experience & skills on your resume.

How you dress, how you behave, your body language & voice control, your professionalizm, your manners, everything you say & do is open to scrutiny. I Got Hired will help you to polish every aspect of your personal brand before you walk through the door.

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Save 80% – Buy I Got Hired™ Now