Be Part Of A Global Network

Job hunting can be a lonely experience, but as a member of I Got Hired you will never be alone. IGH Xchange,is an exclusive forum for I Got Hired members to share anything and everything. It’s ‘Social Media for job seekers!’

Whether it is a question you desperately need a practical answer to from someone who has been, or is in, the same position as you, or a gripe about an employer or agency that you want to share, IGH Xchange is the place.

Built exclusively to service our members needs in IGH Xchange you can:

  • Start discussions
  • Ask for help
  • Offer advice or share an experience
  • Select your favourite contributors to ‘follow’
  • Score the usefulness of a comment or search comments by their score
  • Build up a personal library of advice and guidance

IGH Xchange enables you to benefit from everyone’s experience, and helps them to benefit from yours.

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