IGH Money is the simplest tool around to help you assess, plan & control your finances on a daily basis. Because understanding & reacting to your financial position is so very important for the health of your job hunt (& for the health of you & your family too!), I Got Hired has placed IGH Money right at the heart of IGH Pro.

To make things even simpler for you, IGH Money is fully integrated with the IGH Pro core reporting & calendar functions so everything is joined up. IGH Money links all your financial planning, spending & reporting & pops it right into your pocket on your favorite mobile device.

IGH Money has been built especially for people who do not specialize in financial
management, & indeed may never have tried to manage their money before. There are no complicated processes, buzzwords or accountancy jargon for you to battle with, just plain & simple everyday language.

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Being in control of your finances not only helps you manage your budget, it gives you something less to worry about.
Linking your financial planning with IGH Pro enables you to access your finances anytime, anywhere.
‘the IGH Money jargon free language..’

Financial Forecasting

An intuitive data entry screen makes it simple to enter spending targets & anticipated income across a range of personally configurable categories & sub categories, with simple scheduling of repeated expenses & incomes.

Daily Cash Management

Gives you the ability to profile payments & receipts so you can predict the exact day you expect to make a payment, or receive income, & then make daily changes that reflect reality.

Cashflow Statement

The Cashflow Statement shows you exactly what you thought you would spend & income you expect to receive against what actually happened & predicts your ‘pinch points’ in the future when money may get tight.

Financial Traffic Lights

The unique IGH Money traffic light system warns you in advance when things are beginning to get a little tight in the coming days & weeks, so you can ‘take evasive action’ & hit your cash targets.