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Getting The Best Possible Deal – The Deal You Deserve

Not everybody is comfortable negotiating salary but it’s common practice when a job offer is on the table & I Got Hired will walk you through the process, step by step – not just how to negotiate your pay check but the full package of benefits & terms & conditions.

Once you have revisited your reports in IGH Aspire & reviewed your original job search targets & aspirations, you can now focus yourself on what you’ve been aiming for all along.

Of course, negotiating isn’t mandatory & the first step is deciding whether or not to do it. The key is to base your decision on whether it’s necessary & not on whether it’s comfortable. I Got Hired will give you that option by giving you insight into professional salary negotiation tactics, making sure you are comfortable & confident when negotiation is required.

By the end of Workbook 5, ‘Closing The Deal’, & with the support of all the guides & checklists you need, you will be a professional, savvy & hardened negotiator!!

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