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How To Make A Resume Work For You

When selling your experience to a potential employer, your resume is your primary sales tool. When resume writing, you’re faced with questions of length, amount of detail, keywords, font & so on. But with the I Got Hired rules for the perfect resume, you can’t (& won’t) go wrong.

Why spend a small fortune getting someone to write your resume or CV for you? I Got Hired will help you set up the different resumes you need in your job hunt & then tailor them so that they perfectly suit each & every job opportunity.

Clear step-by-step instructions & easy-to-use resume templates allow you to craft the perfect resume for each application or employer; one that shows you at your very best.

Resume Writing Top Tips

Job Hunt Top Tips

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It All Starts With Your Elevator Pitch

Imagine you’re in the elevator, riding up to the 4th floor for a job interview. The CEO gets in, introduces herself & asks why you’re there. You have maybe 30 seconds to create an amazing first impression.

The same scenario plays out every time you meet a new contact who could help you in your job hunt. The elevator pitch is the most condensed version of your sales presentation & as such, it’s the seed for a great resume.

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Get The Latest Expertise With The I Got Hired Toolkit

I Got Hired is more than the five workbooks. The I Got Hired toolkit contains a variety of essential material to guide you through the resume writing process.

In addition, the Suggestion Box in the I Got Hired Portal gives you the opportunity to ask for exactly the help you need. By responding to your requests, the I Got Hired team will keep you on track & right up to date with the very best advice, resume guidance & more.

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The Resume Sign-Off Cycle

The I Got Hired Resume Sign-Off Cycle helps you produce a perfect resume every time.

Once you’ve written your resume, the Resume Sign-Off Cycle gives you a rigorous checklist to ensure that your standards never slip:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Content
  • Font
  • Format
  • Check & Re-Check

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Save 80% – Buy I Got Hired™ Now