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Frequently Asked Questions

/Frequently Asked Questions

Here at I Got Hired™ we have gone to great lengths to ensure that your data is 100% safe & never shared with any other vendors. I Got Hired™ is hosted on one of the world’s leading hosting platforms, Amazon Web Services. With 99.99% ‘up time’ & compliance with all the primary data security standards across the globe, you can be assured that your data is secure. To make sure that your data is exclusively YOUR data we also promise never to pass on any of your details to any third parties, ever.

Simple – you just stop paying your subscription and we will close your account at the end of the period after the cancelled payment.

If you stop paying or cancel your membership, we will keep your data for 30 days after the end of the membership period – so if you change your mind you haven’t lost anything. If you think you are going to be away for longer than 30 days but would like us to keep your data for when you return, the ‘At Rest’ feature in I Got Hired™ keeps your data safe for as long as you need. We will charge a nominal one off administration fee to keep your data safe & sound until you need it again. We have found that this works very well for contractors & interims.

Yes – a number of recruitment agencies, HR businesses & individuals are already making money reselling I Got Hired™. So if you would like to explore being an I Got Hired™ affiliate, drop us a line by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ link below & title your communication ‘Affiliation’ & we’ll get straight back to you.

Oh Yes. I Got Hired™ is just perfect for contractors & temporary workers. All your contacts & data is kept in IGH Pro™ as you fulfil an assignment & it is there whenever you need it again. If you engage in a long term contract you can even turn your membership off &, for a nominal one off administration fee, we will look after your data so it’s safe & sound in the same place until you need it again.

Yes. Everything is included in the membership fee & that includes the fantastic ‘IGH Pro™ – On The Go’. But it’s even better than that, not only does the membership fee include everything in IGH Pro™ today, it’s guaranteed to include any developments & enhancements in the future.

No. I Got Hired™ has been built to be easy & intuitive & it lives up to the promise. Just to make sure you get the most from I Got Hired™ (remove comma) whatever your computer skill level is, we will email you the detailed & illustrated user guide as soon as you subscribe & there is online help & support throughout the system.

Access to a computer with internet access or any internet enabled mobile device. Because I Got Hired™ is a system hosted on the internet – ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) is the computer jargon for it – it will run on PC or Mac, Apple or Android equally well.

Oh yes! We have a really exciting program of planned enhancements & developments for IGH Pro™ that will continue to keep you right at the forefront of job seeker technology.

IGH Pro™ is built as the foundation of the remarkable I Got Hired™ job hunter 101 step process. Throughout the system, as you move forward with each job application, you will receive reminders embedded in the system to ensure you never miss a trick & keep yourself well ahead of the competition.

Absolutely, at the end of any subscription period you can alter your subscription through the IGH Pro™ website.

No. Our 100% price guarantee assures you that the monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual subscription fee you pay at the start of your relationship will remain the same as long as you have a relationship with us.

No. We will send you a username (your email address) &a password (which you can change to your own preference later) and you just login to your personal I Got Hired™ Portal at www.igothired.net – simple as that.

No. There is no need to sign a contract. I Got Hired™ is a pay as you go membership with no minimum period of membership after your first year & there is no notice period either. You can use I Got Hired™ when you need to amp; turn it off until you need it again in the future.

Oh yes, & you as an I Got Hired™ member will be at the forefront of driving that change. Using the Suggestion Box in your personal I Got Hired™ Portal you can request improvements, or the addition of completely new content, if you think something is missing. We will always try to get the new content sorted as soon as possible with new stuff being loaded every week.

If you have any new ideas or suggestions for improvement just click on the ‘Contact Us’ link below and share your ideas with us.

Just click on the button below & ask us a question. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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