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My Buddy Wasted Hundreds of Dollars On Different Job Search Programs Until He Found This One

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My close buddy William, has been hunting for his dream job for nearly 9 months now.

Although he has been in the job he picked up after graduation, he wasn’t really happy or fulfilled – it was just a ‘rent payer’ not a career. He just wasn’t fulfilled because it wasn’t the type of job he had planned to have.

Not only was it unfulfilling and dull it didn’t pay much either, he could barely take care of his needs and those of his growing family.

William joined an online job search program some months ago with high hopes and expectations. They promised him the world and charged him nearly $3000!!

But it wasn’t long before he stopped the program. He abandoned his membership. He was disappointed and frustrated because after 3 months he was no closer to his dream job.

This wasn’t the first time this had happened. He had registered for four other online job search programs in the past but abandoned them, wasting thousands of dollars.

I thought he was getting close to giving up and sticking to his ‘rent payer’ of a job but I was wrong. He was more determined than I realised. His dream of the perfect dream job kept him going.

Just a few weeks ago, he ran into my house rushed to me with great excitement shouting: “buddy, I have finally found it. I have gotten it! WOW!”

So I asked him, “which job search program have you found this time?” I was worried he was just going to throw more money I the garbage’

“No, Its not just the job search program that I found this time, this one has gotten me my dream Job”

“I knew from my very first visit to the program’s portal that this was different and that I was in the right place at last.”

“For the very first time, the program walked me step by step through EVERY stage of my job hunt. I could see what I had to do, when to do it and how to do it well. It filled in all the missing links in my job hunts of the past. The process was so easy to follow and it gave me all the templates and skills I needed to land the job I always wanted”!

He then went on to describe to me how this program had helped him to discover the underlying reasons why many people often join a job search program with the best intentions, only to abandon them in disappointment and frustration, because there are too many gaps in the process and the advice is average at best

William was convinced that his success was all down to I Got Hired™

Just have a look at just how comprehensive AND CHEAP it is here:

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If you are looking for a job today, or will be soon you should act fast and join up today if you intend taking the first step to change your life!

To ensure they give maximum attention and support to every member, I Got Hired™ have limited their membership to a certain number AND have this incredible DISCOUNT PRICE OFFER going on – but they will be closing intake for new members at this price very soon and then the price goes back up.

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Good Luck

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Why Do You Keeping Joining Job Search Programs and Getting More frustrated and Disappointed
Keep Joining Job Search Programs But Never Land Your Dream Job
Why Do You Keeping Paying Job Search Advice But Never Land Your Dream Job

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Listen, if you are not getting your dream job after dishing out your hard-earned money month after month for job search advice you gotta read this!

If your resume is failing to get you interviews or your not getting offers after you have interviewed you gotta read this!

It’s not your fault that you are not getting the results you deserve…

You see, you’re probably getting the wrong advice or following the wrong program.

In fact there are several reasons you don’t get the dream job you desired and you can discover them all at the link below…

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Simon Ward, the founder of the internationally acclaimed I GOT HIRED™ job hunting program, shares and discusses these basic and fundamental issues in this video and this guy knows what he is talking about.

He has helped literally thousands of people find their dream jobs over the past 10 years – he’s a kind of job hunting super hero!

He explains why it is so tough out there for job hunters today, despite the boom economy we keep getting told about. He shows you why you are failing and what you can do about.

And it all seems so simple and straight forward once you listen to him.

The issues he points out are one of the underlying reasons why many job seekers are just not getting the support they need in todays modern job market, but are paying thousands of dollars in the process!

Have a look and a listen here – it might change your life forever!

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Good luck

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You’ve Been Selected for the Job
RE: {firstname}, Your Job Offer

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How would you feel if you received an email with this kind heading?

Imagine how good you would feel.

Imagine telling your family and friends that you have finally cracked it and you are about to start the job of your dreams.

You would feel? Really good right?

But sadly, the majority of job hunters hardly ever get this kind of mail and if they do its not for that perfect job they have always been dreaming about.

And one of the reasons is a really simple one.

They have never heard of Simon Ward, the job Hunt Guru from I Got Hired™ and they have never heard him speak or follow his proven process to job hunt success

Check him out here!

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It baffles and frustrates me when I see people continually getting fooled and ripped off
by quack and garbage job search programs or just plain bad advice on the Internet. This is peoples lives they are playing with.

Believe me, there are tons of real rogues out there, waiting to con victims out of thousands of dollars.

Are you one of the victims? And are you giving up on your hunt for your dream job
and financial freedom because of this? Don’t!

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Thankfully, there’s a genuine and simple program that’s going to save
you both time and money. And help you to ace your dream job with ease.

Do not delay any further.

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Don’t delay – do this today – thousands are signing up everyday and soon the price will go up – right now it’s an incredible bargain.

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You wont believe How Many Job Hunters Have Signed Up For This In The Last Month!
Job Hunters Are Signing Up For This In Their Thousands!

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All spots are nearly filled up…

I have never seen anything like this!

And I am not sure that access to this job search program will still be open for much longer, especially not at this price.
The founder and organisers have decided to suspend further intake of new members very soon because there are just too many people signing up right now.

The results are incredible and the price is unbelievable.

As long as they follow and implemented what they are taught inside the I GOT HIRED™ program…. they are crushing every barrier that stands between them and their dream job.

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Everybody just wants to flip a switch and expect RESULTS right away….

Well, to be honest its not quite that simple even with the I GOT HIRED™ ULTIMATE JOB SEARCH PROGRAM but it does guarantee to get you that dream job, or they just give you your money back!!

You can ace you dream job in no time with this program – thousands are already in their dream job thanks to this program.

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But I advise you to act very fast and join the program TODAY – and I mean right NOW!

It wont be around at this price forever

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P.S: Ensure you follow the steps and strategies laid out inside the program.
…If you are lucky to make it inside before the access to the program is closed

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The Way Forward for Job Hunters
The Way Forward for Discouraged Job Hunters
The Way Forward for Frustrated Job Hunters

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Do you know that 95% of resumes submitted for jobs fail to fulfill their only task and land the applicant an interview?

Do you know that many job hunters have written and submitted resumes numerous times in their attempt and quest to ace their dream job and never landed an interview?

Sadly and unfortunately, they have consistently failed, and their dream jobs have continually eluded them.The more they tried, the more they have failed.

If you have experience or are experiencing this, cheer up because there is hope and help for you today.

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Experiencing failure has greatly weakened and discouraged many that are hunting for their dream job.

It has such an impact that many have already given up.

They have thrown in the towel and are resigned to their fate and their current state of an unfulfilled life and dreams – financially, socially and career-wise.

This should not continue because there is a way out

Go here now and discover it (Insert Link Here)

Simon Ward, and the I GOT HIRED™ international team of over 30 highly experienced recruiters, HR professionals, industrial psychologists and technologists, drawn from over 10 different countries around the world know the solution.

The I GOT HIRED™ team has put together the incredible MY SALES TOOLKIT workbook that is selling like hot cakes on Amazon right now!

And you won’t believe just how cheaply you can turn your job Hunt around and become a true expert

You can get MY SALES TOOLKIT at the special reduced price here (Insert Link Here)

Ensure you get it now.

Talk to you soon

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Have You Sent In Your Resume For That Job?
Did You Submit Your Resume For That Job?

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Hey,I was at the home of a good friend of mine some days ago.

Billy is a very nice guy, in fact he was one of my closest buddy during our high school days.

We have always maintained close contact since we left high school several years ago.

While sipping a cold beer and having some a chat that brought back old memories of our high school days, Billy’s daughter walked in through the door, and was heading toward her room.

“Have you sent in your resume for that Job?”, Billy asked, as he looked toward her.

Jane didn’t say a word to her father, but walked passed us and went straight to her room.

She was just returning from work, looking exhausted and frustrated.

Like her father, she was one of the best students in her class, and graduated with very good grades.

But she has been having a hard time a trying to get a decent job, the job of her dreams.

“I guess she must be exhausted or maybe she had a bad day at work today” I said to Billy.

“I think so” Billy responded to me

But we later discovered that we were wrong -that none of that was actually the main reason she didn’t respond to her Dad.

I learnt from Billy that the job she was currently doing was a retail sales job that leaves her exhausted at the end of each day.

She didn’t love the job because it was not using her key skills and she wasn’t going to be able to build a career from this role. But she had just kinda settled for it after submitting loads of resumes to loads of jobs but failing to get an interview for her dream job.

What’s more, the money was poor and she just couldn’t see a way to build a life from here.

After a while, she came out from her room and was walking towards the fridge.

“Hey, darling, have you sent in your resume for that job opening I told you about?” Billy courteously asked, calling her by her pet name.

Jane stopped, turned back and came to where we were sitting.

She sat on a chair by her Dad’s side, bowed her head on her kneel and was silent.

“You know you can always talk to me, no matter what the problem is, I will always be there for you” Billy softly spoke to her, placing his hand on her shoulder.

After a while, Jane raised her head up, her frustration and disappointment clear for all to see, she looked like she was about to cry.

“I am fed up, Dad” She muttered, almost bursting into tears, but struggled to hold herself together.

Her Dad stood up and turned towards her, stretching his hands towards her as she rose up from her sit.

“I didn’t send in my resume; there is no point. I have done this so many times before, but I haven’t got a single interview request yet.

“Dad, I have tried all I know, including those guides and advice I found on the internet, but nothing is working” She said, with visible tears rolling down her cheeks.

Her father cuddled her affectionately saying: “It will be alright, I promise you everything is going to be fine”

I stood up from my sit and we manage to calm her down.

Then I remembered I GOT HIRED™ “My Sales Toolkit”, the award winning workbook on how to write Resumes and Cover Letters

Click Here (Insert Link)

“When is the application closing?” I asked Billy.

“4 days from today” he replied

I then said to him: “I think there is a solution. One of my neighbours that recently got a new job told me about a workbook that was of an immense help in getting his job.”

He was having this kind of experience before he bought the workbook based on the recommendation of one of his friends. And to his surprise the workbook helped him get his first interview and eventually he got his dream job.

“Did you have details or information on how we can get the workbook?” Billy asked.

“No, It never came to my mind that I may need it; so I didn’t bothered asking him for details about the workbook or how to get it.” I replied Billy.

“But I have his mobile number, let me call him so that he will tell us how to get it” I added

I brought out my phone and called him. He then sent me an email containing the link below:

Click Here (Insert Link)

The moment Billy and Jane finished reading the email, we went straight to the site.

Billy brought out his credit card and he bought the workbook – he couldn’t believe how cheap it was!

Lucky for us, he was able to download the digital version straight away – No waiting whatsoever. No delay, it was instant access, instant download.

With no time to waste, Jane quickly took it and swung into action.

She was still devouring the information, tips, tricks and guidance when I left their home.

Billy called, later that week and told me that Jane was able to meet the deadline and submitted her resume, cover letter and other essential documents – all thanks to Your Sales Toolkit from I GOT HIRED™

A few days after she submitted her application, for the first time ever, she was called for an interview.

But she was really grateful. She had been offered the job at the interview but had turned it down – she was so confident now with her new Resume that she was sure an even better opportunity would be hers for the taking!!

For once in her life she was so confident and certain that the next job that she will apply for, she will not only be called for an interview but she could now be choosy about which job offer she was going to accept!!.

Won’t you love to have this kind of confidence and certainty in your Job Hunt effort?

Then visit the following link and buy My Sales Toolkit from I GOT HIRED™ NOW:

Click here and get My Sales Toolkit (Insert Link Here)

Hurry up now and begin your journey into your new, dream job right now.

Speak to you soon

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…Most Advice Job Hunters Find Out There Is Just Garbage

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When it comes to searching for books or guides that will properly support writing a professional, winning resume that is guaranteed to deliver results, most of what you find out there is just plain garbage – written by people with little experience trying to make a quick Buck or two.

Sadly there are people and organisations out there that see Job Hunters as a desperate bunch who are just ready to be ripped off!

The quality of advice, tools and templates are both poor and horribly over-priced. It looks like just about anyone can create some stuff about how to write a resume or perform at interview, charge a fortune and sooner or later someone buys it!

Single eBooks sell for as much as $175!!

The founder of I GOT HIRED™, Simon Ward, not only shares your pain and frustration, he has done something about it. I GOT HIRED™ gives you professional advice, fantastic tools and apps, unique tips and tricks and outstanding templates – and all for a fraction of traditional market costs.

Imagine if you had the chance to benefit from the career expertise of over 30 HR and recruitment gurus who have over 200 years of experience between them, AND only pay well under $20!

In this video Simon speaks about both the problem for ripped-off job hunters and the issues they face writing a truly professional AND effective resume

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The problem is that although Job Hunters are just not getting the professional advice they need, most of them don’t really realise what a big problem this is – they just keep spending their hard earned cash on really poor advice.


Today you have a chance to be better than them, to be better than your competition, to be a better candidate, write a better resume and land that dream job – all for less than $20!

Click here to check out the unique I GOT HIRED™ workbook Your Sales Toolkit (Insert Link Here)

Make sure you download the MY SALES TOOLKIT workbook that Simon Ward talks about TODAY. Your job hunt, and your resume will never be the same again!

But you do have a choice of course……

You could just keep spending a fortune on poor advice, or buy no advice at all, and keep doing the same old things that are failing you.

Upgrade your job hunt today – right now!

Download the workbook here now (Insert Link Here)

Talk to you soon

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{firstname}, Here Is Your Signup Link, ACT FAST NOW!

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Hey {firstname},

This is extremely urgent and I will be brief with this email.

You need to ACT VERY FAST right now.

But before we go any further, I advise you stop reading this email and do this:

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I am sure you have heard about the anticipated re-opening of the Ultimate Resume Bootcamp.

Well, today, the door re-opens – but only for a maximum of 2000 Job hunters and then it is closed again for 3 months.

I have timed this mail to make sure access is open by the time you read this mail.

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Membership registration into The Ultimate Resume Bootcamp is always limited. I Got Hired™ really look after their members so they always keep the numbers limited to make sure everyone gets just what they need.

The Ultimate Resume Bootcamp has been regularly updated since it was started by Simon Ward , the Founder of I Got Hired™, in 2016 and has helped well over a thousand frustrated candidates land their dream job.

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The Ultimate Resume Bootcamp Is Making Huge Waves on the Internet
This Incredible Bootcamp Just Set the Internet on Fire

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Hey {firstname},I hope you received and read the email I sent to you recently?

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Why You Have To Join the Ultimate Resume BootCamp Today

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Hey {firstname},

Still sitting on the fence, still sitting on your hands?

Surely you must have joined the I GOT HIRED™ Ultimate Resume BootCamp by now.

However, just in case you are still contemplating whether to join or not, or asking if there is any need to join the BootCamp……..

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The Ultimate Resume BootCamp is designed by an exceptional team of over 30 international recruitment and Human Resources experts with over 200 years industry experience between them.

This incredible team is drawn from 10 different countries of the world and have been hiring guys and helping job hunters their whole careers.

Having hired or advised literally thousands of candidates, this team is uniquely qualified to support and guide almost any job hunter with real, proven, hands-on expertise.

Want to draw from the wealth of experience and expertise of this team,
and channel it in writing the resume that will help you ace your dream job?

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Wow! What The Ultimate Resume BootCamp Will Do For Any Job Hunter
Wow! What You Will Gain From The Ultimate Resume BootCamp
Wow! What Any Job Hunters Will Gain From The Ultimate Resume BootCamp

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Hey, What do you stand to gain by joining the Ultimate Resume BootCamp?Have you considered or even thought about this?

Well, there is so much more than you would guess, I promise you

Let me begin by saying that starting job hunt can be scary for many, if not most, job hunters. But with I GOT HIRED™ you are not alone any more.

Job Hunting is always a challenge because there’s so much to learn and so much to do.

And there’s just too much ambiguity and conflicting advice out there making things even more complicated for you.

But you must avoid and overcome these ambiguities and confusions, and the Ultimate Resume BootCamp is one thing you should not ignore – it just gives you exactly what you need in straight forward, easy to follow plain English.

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The authors of the Ultimate Resume BootCamp, with their vast wealth of experience acquired over the years in human resources (HR) and recruitment, have taken time to clearly identify and deal with the issues you have faced in the past and that are still confronting many job seekers today.

They have provided clear, precise and concise steps to follow to produce a result-oriented resume for any job type and any job hunter.

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Among many other things, the Ultimate Resume BootCamp is designed to empower Job hunters to master the act of crafting resumes and cover letters that will get them interviews in no time at all.

You will learn the different resume types, and when and where they should be used.

You will learn the 4 Golden Rules of Resume Writing. If you don’t apply these simple rules you may as well not have bothered applying at all!

These are just a few of the things you will learn. There are so many other things that I cannot mention here because of time.

But you can discover them all in the Ultimate Resume BootCamp.

And learn how you can use them to impact the quality and effectiveness of your resume and cover letters

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The BootCamp lets you learn at your own pace, and master everything that is available and taught there simply and easily.

Then you can be sure that the next resume you will write will be THE killer-resume,
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