How To Write A Resume Without Reinventing The… Resume

The easiest route to a perfect resume is to use a template. After all, why start with a blank screen or sheet of paper when somebody else has already mapped out a direction for you? However, it’s essential to choose the right resume template for your job hunt. I Got Hired gives you access to an unrivalled selection – including our Top 12 Templates – eight out of ten resume writers prefer them!

If you have more unusual needs (industry-specific, rare skills or experience…) then dig a little deeper. We’re confident we’ll have the right resume template for you. Just to make sure, the I Got Hired Toolkit also provides access to with nearly 300 more templates for you to choose from.

No matter what kind of resume you need to write, I Got Hired will be by your side – written resumes, video resumes… when singing CVs become popular you can bet we’ll have resumes templates for those too!

Resume Writing Top Tips

Job Hunt Top Tips

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Tailoring Your Resume

The days of a single resume are over. Now, the serious job hunter (that’s you!) has a resume for employers, a resume for agencies, a one-page condensed version… & each is tailored to the particular job opportunity you are pursuing at the time.

I Got Hired will make the resume writing process simple & straightforward, ensuring everybody’s first ‘sight’ of your skills & experience is impressive & sets you apart from the competition.

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The Resume Jigsaw

The I Got Hired Resume Jigsaw makes creating multiple resumes easy. The Jigsaw helps you collate, organize & update the key data, dates & phrases that you will use again & again when making resumes & CVs.

Just cut & paste the appropriate words into the appropriate boxes. Life couldn’t be simpler! You’ll never miss out any key information & it will always be in the right place in the right resume.

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Document Management & Version Control

Have you ever sent the wrong message to the wrong person? The more versions of your resume you have, the more of a risk that is.

Luckily the I Got Hired system of document management & version control in IGH Pro makes this mistake practically impossible.

  • Store & manage each version
  • Know which one went where
  • Clear naming protocols aid rapid search & retrieval of past versions

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