Writing Cover Letters That Get Your Resume Read

The best resume in the world won’t help your job hunt if nobody reads it. That’s the job of the cover letter. If you want well-written, structured, engaging cover letters that get your resume read every time, then I Got Hired is the answer.

I Got Hired provides you with clear rules & step-by-step guidance together with numerous templates & cover letter examples. The templates make it easy – especially when you’re tailoring your cover letters to appeal to each individual potential employer – & our simple-to-use document management system helps you keep track of the different versions, making sure you know which one went where.

Cover Letter Top Tips

Job Hunt Top Tips

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Cover Letter Rules

There’s always room for personal flair in your job hunt but a few rules can help too.

Job hunting is a sales campaign & the AIDA structure for sales letters works perfectly for a resume cover letter too.

I Got Hired will help you:

  • Grab Attention
  • Maintain Interest
  • Generate Desire
  • Prompt The Action You Want

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Cover Letter Templates

Don’t waste your valuable time reinventing the wheel, use a cover letter template instead.

I Got Hired gives you a multitude of easy to use cover letter templates, allowing you to pick & choose the best bits of proven, impactful cover letters for your resume, every time.

The variety of templates in I Got Hired makes sure you are presenting yourself exactly how you want to be presented & in the best possible light.

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Cover Letter Jigsaw

Just as with resumes, CVs & applications, the I Got Hired Cover Letter Jigsaw makes creating new versions of your best cover letter easy.

By collating, organizing & updating your most engaging introductions, paragraphs, phrases & calls to action, the Jigsaw will ensure that your cover letters are tailored specifically to the recipient while consistently sounding like you.

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