Leading You Step by Step Through the Jobs Jungle

It’s easy to get lost in the maze of the jobs jungle & sometimes just knowing where to start can be a challenge.

I Got Hired takes you through a very detailed step by step process throughout which there are numerous activities for the job seeker to complete – from initial assessment to landing that job. To help you make sense of it all we have created a series of checklists to ensure you do not miss a step.

As with the complete I Got Hired program, the checklists can be used ‘on the go’ on any mobile device, so that you can use them wherever you are. The intelligence behind the checklists makes sure that you do whatever is most important first. You never know what is a critical step until you miss it – so it is that attention to detail that is important.

The checklists are so valuable that we have created some blank templates for you to personalize & use in your everyday life for that BIG event, be it a wedding, a party or a holiday.

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Step By Step Process

Easy to follow checks.
Make sure you never miss a step or a trick in the competitive world of the Job Seeker.

Different Types of Checklists

Meeting your every need.
The I Got Hired checklists logically organize your every need, from start to finish, both at work & at play.


Complete ‘on the go’ availability.
Access your checklists from any mobile device whenever & wherever you need them.


It’s not all about work!!

Not only can you bespoke the checklists – you can personalize them to organize your private life too.

The Power Of Checklists

  • Easy to use
  • Simple chronological process steps
  • Available ‘on the go’
  • Monitors & measures progress
  • Motivational
  • Stress reducing
  • Bespoke as required
  • Re-usable
  • Blank templates for personal use


“The I Got Hired job interview tips not only improved how I performed at interviews but also taught me how to follow up and secure the offer. I now work for a global corporate in a challenging, rewarding and fun roll – thank you I Got Hired.”
Sonia, New York
“I had not been able to secure a job for nearly two years. I followed the I Got Hired job application process and was offered 3 jobs in just over 5 weeks! It was really easy to follow, the tools really help and IGH Pro kept everything organized and in one place – I never missed a follow up action or appointment.”
Francesca, London
“Over the years I have used a number of resume writing guides and books on how to prepare for an interview, but after I Got Hired I just won’t need anything else. It all fits together so easily and makes perfect sense. The resume templates were particularly useful’’
Alex, London
“I Got Hired just does the job, it’s as simple as that. I takes you by the hand, leads you through the jobs market and supports you every step of the way through your job hunt. It’s nice to get to share ideas and experiences with other members in the IGH Xchange too”
Rob, Bournemouth
“What a great kit – I just can’t work out why no one has done this before. Everything you could possibly need to find a job is all in one place and fits together so well. I got my ideal job after just 6 weeks.”
Ian, Surrey
“Thank you IGH Pro. I’m a typically disorganised bloke but IGH Pro put me in control of my job hunt. I knew where everything was and what I needed to do next from researching employers to resume writing and making a job application. I got a job in two months.”
Don, Australia
“OMG IGH Pro is awesome!! It’s so easy to get going and you just keep it on your mobile so you have access to everything you need wherever and whenever you need it.”
Richie, USA
“As a professional interim I put my trust in IGH Pro to look after my contacts, resume and job hunt opportunities. It didn’t let me down – managing my contract opportunities is just so easy – and I can claim the cost of IGH Pro against my tax bill!!”
Charlie, New Zealand
“I have worked in recruitment for over 10 years but still learned loads from I Got Hired. The stuff on how to use Social Media to find a job is fantastic, I’ve even taken some of that and used it at work now! I Got Hired not only helped me find a job I really wanted but allowed me to help my Mum get her perfect job too!”
Lucy, Brighton
“I Got Hired and IGH Pro took my job hunt by storm. I got rid of all my notes and little scraps of paper and my documents and contacts are now all organized and in one place. The reports made sure I hit my own targets.”
Uzil, USA
“I had lived with my job search on sticky notes stuck to my fridge door and I never had the information I needed at hand when an opportunity knocked – not any more, thanks to IGH Pro.”
Linzi, USA
“It’s worth the money for IGH Pro alone, as you get all the workbooks, tools, CV and cover letter templates too.”
Trish, Birmingham
I am an older than average job seeker and thought I knew myself pretty well until I tried IGH Aspire. What a fantastic tool – not only did it give me new insights into my needs, it matched me to the perfect job as well. I am now in a role that I could only dream about before.
Elsa, Johannesburg
I was laid off by my previous employer and was in a bit of a mess with my finances. IGH Money helped me assess my financial situation. It’s simplicity made it easy to create a cashflow forecast and helped me budget for the future. I was then able to focus on more important matters like trying to find a new job!
Leslie, Glasgow
Although I had my CV at the ready I had no idea how to complete the job application and make it stand out from the competition. The workbooks and guides in I Got Hired helped me make the initial introductions and walked me through the follow-up process so that my application was noticed and nothing was left to chance.
Laura, Brisbane
I was fortunate to have received a couple of job offers but after all the hard work I didn’t want to throw it all away by making the wrong decision. I Got Hired walked me through the offer negotiation stage not only providing advice on salary negotiation but all the other important aspects of the employment contract.
Liz, London